Success! The 1st Annual IMA Community Art Parade

26 04 2008

After a semester of bitching and whining heard throughout the halls at IUPUI, the event of the East Meets West Interchange Overpass Parade will go down in history as the first Annual Indianapolis Museum of Art Community Art Parade.  Kudos to the IMA, Fritz Haeg, Herron School of Art, Fountain Square, and the community at large for a fun colorful parade.  The weather could not have been more perfect for a parade.  Sunny blue skies as the backdrop for the festival colors in the parade followed by the warm yet crisp springtime air made for a great setting.  As I sat at the corner of Virginia Avenue and Grove Street watching both the parade and the spectators taking in the colorful collision of people and floats, I was pleasantly pleased with the outcome of the day.  The only criticism I could find during the procession was some of the participants’ use of non-green vehicles to mobilize their floats especially the politicians who could have made a statement to their voters of their commitment to green during Earth Week. 




One response

29 04 2008

I too attended the Parade this past Saturday. The floats were colorful and enjoyable. The parade’s theme of East Meets West was not apparent to me
although to be fair, I missed the very beginning. The green message was loud and clear with the exception of the politicians. Their comfortable non-green transportation in a parade encouraging that theme speaks volumes on their priorities. I do not know about anyone else but I will remember that come election day.

The important and greatest outcome, unlike the super organized parades for major holidays and events, was that groups were able to make displays and participate in this parade voicing their messages.

It would be nice for something similar to become an annual event with advertising.

Good job!

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