Jesus, Jackson, and Justice

21 04 2008

The countdown continues to the big event.  I thought for this entry I would break down the significance of the three equine creations of Allison Smith and the Herron Art students represented in the parade.  I have a link under the artist written by the artist as she explains the meaning behind the three animals.  Here is a quick blog explanation:

The donkey:  Jesus rode on a donkey as he entered Jerusalem before meeting his final fate.

The jackass:  Andrew Jackson brought this symbol to the democratic party and how timely that the parade takes place just days before Indiana’s primary election on May 6th.

The mule:  The  controversial Forty Acres and a Mule, the empty promise made at the end of the Civil War to the freed slaves began by General Sherman.

Just what does this have to do with the parade on Saturday?  Pray for good weather!  Spent at least a twenty dollar bill while enjoying Fountain Square.  And be on the side of justice, always.  




2 responses

21 04 2008

Thanks for the equine explanations. I looked through Sunday’s paper and could not find any referance to this parade. This production of it seems half-hearted at best. What is the connection of the parade to the people in Fountain Square? Does the date of the parade have a connection? Will very many people even know about it?

29 04 2008

Hey. Great posts. Smith commented on our site and explained the donkey, jackass, mule thing. Check it out and comment too!

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